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††††††††††† In 1987, Tanamac Co.,Ltd. was established as a machinery trading company mainly specialized in the food processing and food packaging sector.
Tanamac began conducting its business in a small office near China town. Nowadays, our new office is located on Sirindhorn road, near Krung Thon bridge, Thonburi side.
††††††††††† Our philosophy is to supply high quality, high performance machinery from leading manufacturers. Customersí satisfaction is our prime objective.
Our service engineers have good service-minded. They are well-trained and work hard. This is how we gain our good reputation. While we are welcoming new customers, we keep very good relationship with our old customers. Many customers from the very beginning of our history are still our good customers until today.

" We represent top quality machinery manufacturers "

††††††††††† Since 1987, we have long experience in supplying top quality machinery from countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Although our main customer base is in Thailand, we also supply machinery to our neighbouring countries as well.

††††††††††† Our Non-Machinery Division focuses on supplying Packaging Materials i.e. aluminum cans, EOE lids, plastic trays (retortable), ready meal packaging, aseptic bags and metal drums.

††††††††††† We are interested in talking to companies who desire excellent quality of machinery and packaging materials.

" We serve for the highest customer satisfaction "

We emphasize on integrity with respect to our clients, principal organizations and
environment. We commit to honesty and inspire trust by saying what we mean.

Responsiveness & Promptness
Our staffs are more than willing to listen and collaborate with customers to analyze their needs and to better clarify their enquiry always with responsiveness and promptness.

Dedication to After Sales Service
We work closely with our principals to ensure fast service and fast delivery of machinery†† spare parts. This assistance is to prevent any disruption to our client business. Our staffs are experienced and helpful. To achieve this, not only on-the-job training, but also in-house training and overseas training.††